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Computer crime harms Pensacola Business

10.04.19 08:36 PM Comment(s) By Joshua Dye

A Mobile, AL resident is accused of committing computer crimes against a Pensacola, FL based business.

Timothy Smith, 42, has been charged with computer fraud, theft of trade secrets and interstate threatening communications.

StrikeLines of Pensacola, FL is a business that uses specialized sonar equipment to detect reefs and then sells this information from its website. Mr Smith is accused of stealing this information from the company. As well as sending threatening letters to the company

If convicted Mr. Smith may see as much as 17 years in prison.

It is important to stay vigilant and protect your company trade secrets and information from contractors and employees that may take advantage of your business. Are files that should be for your eyes only open to others in your organization, or even worse, the public?

We recommend you to hire a consultant that specializes in security and perform a audit on your infrastructure.

Your personal data should remain personal, lets keep it that way.

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