A different kind of Virus

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Is your personal information in good health?

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak people are relying on the internet and other forms of remote business now more than ever. with the massive amount of people invested in the outcome of the quarantine scammers and hackers see a paradise of unprepared people looking for information, they can either falsify or hijack. Right now, there are many trying to look for aid from the government and scammers prey on these people like a wolf in sheep clothing. If you are having a hard time finding relief in this current crisis a sudden Email or phone call from a representative claiming to help you get money from the government may seem like an oasis in the desert, however in times like this if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Do not trust unsolicited Emails

With so many people demanding answers, money, and the promise of safety scammers are aware they can trick people into falling for their schemes now more than ever. Malicious pretenders are sending out fake forms of relief such as false Emails from the “World Health Organization”. Phishing attempts such as these trick people into clicking on links for “tips to avoid or cure COVID-19 infections”, when in reality clicking these links infects your device with malware and harvests your personal information. Hackers are creating fake apps that claim to “track and map” COVID-19 infections but in reality, are designed to lock down your phone and harvest your personal information as pictured below.

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Keep your private information PRIVATE

We here at YourTEK professionals strongly advise against following or even opening any unsolicited Emails at the time. We advise against using apps or searching for links to “track or keep up with” the spread of coronavirus, whether it is worldwide or in specific areas. U.S. Attorney Terwilliger has stated that “Legitimate health authorities will not contact the general public this way “. at the time YourTEK Professionals suggests only using trusted news sources to keep up with information on coronavirus using TV networks, or trusted apps from your preferred pre-existing news source, and not downloading random apps specifically dedicated to tracking coronavirus. For employees seeking information on payment, we advise speaking with employers directly or contacting local officials yourself. Remember the Government WILL NEVER call you directly seeking Social security numbers or bank account information. You should never disclose your private SSN or bank information to any unsolicited emails regardless of how official it looks, as companies don’t normally handle SSN and bank info via Email. Finally, it is ill-advised to follow any links pertaining to coronavirus that come through seemingly random Emails, as these are most likely malware attempts. As you do your best to keep your body safe in this time of quarantine make sure that you are keeping your identity safe as well. If you feel any contact or email about coronavirus to be suspicious do not open the email, links, or any attachments. If you feel you are the victim of a cyber-attack contact us here at YourTEK professionals, (850)-888-BYTE, and we can advise you through the steps to keep your identity and information safe.

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