Don’t let the “Stay at home” order threaten your business

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Stay in but don’t shutdown

In this time of crisis you do not have to let quarantine jeopardizes your business. Even with Governor DeSantis issuing the mandatory “stay at home” order set in place, your business can still function at optimal efficiency. With our remote services you can access all your vital work data and resources from your home computer. With our available CRM and productivity software options your team can collaborate on projects from afar whilst having all the necessary information and materials at your finger tips. Don’t let a simple matter of distance keep you from serving your customers and keeping your workers employed.

Powerful customer resource managers

Even after the quarantine is over powerful productivity software will only strengthen your business. with Great CRM software you’ll be able to keep leads moving through your funnel, have vital customer information on hand, and will be able to respond to the needs of your clients quickly and efficiently.

Reliable Remote technology, and Managed Services

With our remote software you’ll never have to worry about not being able to make it to the office again. Whether you need to stay at home or work on a business trip we can help you access all your office devices remotely to keep your place of business running smooth and keep you more productive. In addition to allowing you access from anywhere any time, our remote alert systems keep an automatic watchful eye on your machines allowing you to know of problems immediately as they happen. If all this seems a little over whelming then don’t worry, because with the power of remote in software we can manage alerts and fix software issues for you all without you ever needing to step inside our office.

Precise productivity software

Need to keep the whole office on the same page, then our elite selection of productivity software maybe for you. With business email you can give quick correspondence to all customers and clients, and send memo’s to your staff reliably. With dependable instant messengers the whole team can stay in contact and focused whether they are in or out of the office. Detailed and precision spreadsheet software keeps all your facts and figures clear and understandable allowing you to track your companies growth with ease. Need to type up a notice or put together a presentation, with document and presentation software preparing for an eventuality is a breeze and with shared files technology any file you prepare can be sent to any team member that needs it any time, any when, anywhere!

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