Networking, Structured Cabling, and Infrastructure
for Gulf Coast businesses

At YourTEK we believe that the foundation of your business does not reside under your feet.

To truly excel in the digital era you have to have a strong digital foundation. This means a reliable infrastructure, one that you don’t have to worry about. Your entire business relies on its TEKnology working. It is imperative that it is done correctly, verified and to industry standards.

We can plan and suggest how to install, or improve your current design.

Most companies plan for current needs, however we suggest planning for future growth. It costs far less to install extra now then to add additional later.

Here is just a quick look at a few of the things we can do.

  • ┬áStructured cabling (Network Cabling)
  • Wi-Fi Implementation, Surveying, Security
  • Bridge networking using long range Wi-Fi, Fiber, standard cabling, of VPN
  • Workstation installation and setup
  • Communication/Server room setup
  • Prepare redundant systems

We have run literally thousands of miles of cable over the years.

Our technicians will install your project with the professional quality you expect and deserve. We challenge ourselves to preform better and better each time we go out.

We would say most people are not proud of the condition of their Network. Most will want to close the Network Room door and forget it exists until something goes wrong. When we are done, you will have that new car feeling, you will want to keep looking back at it again and again.

We comply to all industry standards such as OSI, IEEE, TIA/EIA-568.

Most of our infrastructure products need very little, if any, maintenance or support.

However, we will recommend a routine checkup on some products just to ensure you are always on when you need to be.

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